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International symposium on Veterinary Forensics in Japan


An international symposium on Veterinary Forensics will be held by inviting experts from overseas. The symposium will be held in person at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, and will also be available via Zoom.

日時 2023年10月21日(土)13:00-17:00

場所 北海道大学獣医学研究院(講堂)およびZoomウェビナー

Date and Time: Saturday afternoon, October 21, 2023

Venue: Hokkaido University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

     and Zoom Webinar

※ 対面参加の方は直接会場にお越しください。Zoom視聴の方はご登録ください)URLが自動配信されます)。

For in-person participants, please come directly to the venue; for Zoom viewers, please register. URL will be automatically sent.

Program プログラム  




Lecture 1: Equine Humane Case Investigation Case Study


Dr. Grant Richard Miller (Adjuct professor, UC Davis, USA)

*with an interpreter 逐次通訳が付きます

Break 休憩

Headshot with Will (2).jpg

Lecture 2: Systematic approaches to forensic cases in veterinary medicine for clinical and necropsy cases with a focus on companion animals.


Dr. Rachel Elizabeth Allavena (Professor, University of Queensland, Australia)

*with an interpreter 逐次通訳が付きます

Break 休憩


Lecture 3: From the scene of animal abuse in Japan


Dr. Aki Tanaka (Specially Appointed Professor, Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University, Japan)


*slides are in English 日本語の講演ですが、スライドは英語になります

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